Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Andy Carroll needs a new home

Metal haired power house Andy Carroll shouldn't get all settled down in Liverpool just yet because Brendan Rodgers thinks he's shit.

The new Liverpool boss is apparently open to the idea of letting Carroll go out on loan somewhere that requires a really big guy to win headers, because that is of course his only use.  It's not like he was fucking brilliant for Newcastle a couple of seasons ago, outpacing defenders, using control and clever movement to become the club's top scorer of the season before he left.  No, no, he just won't fit into Liverpool's new plan of attack, which is to defend and pass the ball around their own 18 yard box.  It's so boring.

If Brendan Rodgers were a fireman he'd turn up to a blazing inferno and start taking pictures of it on instagram, then occasionally throw a bucket of water somewhere near it, just to see what happens.  And as it turns out, very little happens.  But I have super cool photos now and all the bitches be clicking on it and stuff