Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Andres Iniesta "player of the tournament"

Andres Iniesta is amazing in real life but pretty much useless in FIFA so I can't tell just exactly how good he is.  Euro 2012 officials seem to think he's awesome, and that's why he has won the Nobel Prize for 'sexiest face'

When I say useless, I of course mean that I am shite (DIVISION 2 BITCHES) but still.  He's not big, he's not incredibly fast and he can't fire a rocket shot from like 40 yards.  Nor can he drive a Formula 1 car or fly a spaceship to the moon to hang out with my friends The Clangers.  The soup dragon should probably have won the Euro 2012 best player if Iniesta hadn't, or maybe Andrea Pirlo who the English press discovered last week.  What an incredible find he was!  He's going to be a star, I can just tell.