Sunday, 29 July 2012

Adebayor really likes money

If there's one thing Emmanuel Adebayor love, it's having lots of money, which is why he's still hanging around at Man City until some other millionaire prince sweeps him off his feet.  According to his agent that isn't going to be Spurs.  Or it might be.

TalkSport are running this story today and have this quote from Adebayor's agent:
“He got a very good deal and quite clearly he wants his pound of flesh not only on the way in but on the way out. 
“And I think it’s a deal that will die on its backside so who is it that is going to come and give moneybags Adebayor the money that he wants other than moneybags QPR and I don’t think they’d even be interested in him.”
What's basically happening is that Man City want rid of him because he earns £170,000 a week, which is absolutely ridiculous, and will either accept a bid of over £10million and he has to take a lower wage, or they will accept an offer of essentially £0 so that the other club can pay him more.  Guess which one he wants to do?  If this guy was a hot 20 year old female blonde he'd be married to an oil tycoon by now and I would probably want to have sex with him too.  I'm pretty sure that doesn't make me gay