Tuesday, 24 July 2012

AC Milan want Bendtner. Also Robben

AC Milan have decided to spend some of that cash they got from the sale of their two best players (excluding Pirlo) and want to bring in Nicklas Bendtner and Arjen Robben.  Will they get them?  NO-ONE KNOWS!

Look at Arjen there - so young, so full of wonder!  And then he was attacked by force lightning and now looks about 75.  He's still a good player, if incredibly one-minded and as long as you don't mind playing on the same team as a player who will almost certainly never pass you the ball back you're going to have a great time.  Bendtner on the other hand is good, or quite simply the best ever at everything, if you ask him.  If you ask what his weaknesses are he would say "that I have no weaknesses".  If he were a psychiatrist he'd sit and listen about how depressed you are for about 45 minutes before turning his clipboard round and showing you a picture he'd been drawing of him saving 20 supermodels from godzilla.