Wednesday, 4 July 2012

AC Milan want Andy Carroll, I think the world might end

AC Milan have revealed that they would be interested in signing LIverpool's Andy Carroll.  This obviously doesn't mean they are actually going to sign him, but still.  I mean.... really?

Ahhh I get it now, he's a total rocker, that's why he has long hair!  This guy just isn't good looking enough to be one of those cool Spanish dudes who has a hair band when they play, yet he still has a pony tail and it honestly just dawned on me that it's because he likes metal bands.  Perhaps this is why Pier Berlusconi, son of AC Milan president Silvio, has said that he would like to see the giant drunken horse galloping around the San Siro.  When Andy Carroll plays well he's like a wonderful Black Beauty, but when he's shit, which is a lot, he's like when Black Beauty gets tazered and tries to eat his own tail, while on roller-skates.

I never understood why we called my Uncle, Black Beauty.  Perhaps because he was so black.