Sunday, 22 July 2012

Aaron Ramsey wants RVP to stay

Celebrity murderer Aaron Ramsey has spoken of the grief he will endure if/when RVP finally leaves Arsenal to try and win something and begged him 'PLEASE DON'T GO ROBIN PLEEAEEASE'

The Welsh heart-throb told another website:
"He had a brilliant season last year and is a big player for us, so we are just hopeful that he will stay"
WOW.  Those words will surely be more than enough to keep Robin from leaving his spiritual home because before Ramsey stepped in he was convinced it was time to move on.  Now... I'm not so sure.  This is like when my girlfriend phoned me and said "JJ I've met someone else sooo I'm never coming back" and I said 'aww that sucks' and then I didn't really hear from her again.  I'm sure she'll be back quite soon though.  I'm just waiting for that phone to ring!