Friday, 22 June 2012

Vote 'No, on Rangers newco, say SPL clubs

Aberdeen, Dundee United and Hearts all have some things in common, like being football clubs, being Scottish and being dreadful to watch. Thankfully they are united in their dislike for Rangers and will vote NO to their newco being in the SPLPoor Rangers.

Who would have thought that spending lots of money you don't have and not paying your taxes would have such an adverse effect on business? Perhaps next time they should hire a sorcerer like Mystic Meg to warn them of the perils of poor financial management, or possibly they could even just not conduct themselves like grade A bellends and just pay taxes. I know that might seem like a hard thing to do when most of the people associated with your business have only recently evolved from swamp dwelling creatures but we can only hope that this new club will be less gross.Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson

"The club's position on how we will vote was substantiated by the viewpoint of the various supporters groups."The board of directors of Dundee United are unequivocal in the belief that a form of sporting punishment must form part of the reasoning behind any decision made and, therefore, cannot vote the newco into the SPL
Damn straight. Think of the moral implications this would have on the youth of the world - "kids, if you just fanny about, spend all your money and don't pay your taxes, it's ok, because the nice people will bail you out". Well not this time. No dice. Not likely. Not on my nelly. EtcAhhhh what a wonderful world