Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ukraine fun masks aren't fun, racist

I'm glad that there is no racism in Ukraine and I know this because Michel Platini has told us all a hundred times.  HANG ON A MINUTE

Wow.  Where do you even buy one of those things from?

"what's this for son"
"uhhh it's for a school project"
"a school project you say, huh?"
"yes..... where we all go the Sweden game and then I'm horrifically racist and embarrass everyone".

The BBC cameras caught that and it was just one dude in like the whole crowd.  I'd like to think if that happened around here the people in the crowd next to him, or even just his friends would tell him to either A. wise up, or B. kick him out of the stadium.  Then again you have to wonder why no-one is doing that and it could just be because he has no friends, and he's clearly mental.  You're better off staying away from those ones cos he might turn around and actually try and stab you.

I still don't understand where you'd buy one of those things from.