Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ukraine are poisoned... SABOTAGE!

Ukraine's Euro 2012 preparations have been thrown all over the place thanks to a an outbreak of food poisoning that has given all of their players AIDS, or maybe just 10 of them food poisoning.

The Ukraine manager has claimed sabotage even though that song is really old and shouldn't really be relevant here.   Oleg Blokhin told a press conference:
"It happened in Germany, but it is impossible to establish the causes - all ate different food,"
"It may have been sabotage, I do not know. It cannot be accidental."
So what he's trying to say is that he needs some players that didn't eat fish for dinner.

The cartoon evil kingdom way in which Poland and Ukraine are being portrayed by British press right now has gotten to the point where I honestly wouldn't be surprised to hear reports that some fans have been bitten by nazis and are now becoming nazis.  It's like this whole bath salts thing except instead of an infected person eating someone's face on the street they try and conquer entire nations and have an irrational hatred of jewish people.  Does everyone there live in a scary dungeon?  Cos that's the image I have.