Friday, 8 June 2012

Uefa admits there might have been *some* racism

Netherlands' captain Mark Van Bommel took his side to the opposite side of a stadium to train the other day because people in the crowd were making monkey chants.  Uefa denied it flat out, which was nice of them, and now they've been forced to admit it did happen.  Because it literally did.

Seemingly intent on denying the fact that anyone is ever racist or that it's even a big deal, Uefa have made themselves look like prize berks with this latest episode.  Holland have declined to make an official complaint, which saves Platini and co a whole bunch of paper work and they have since said (BBC):
"Should such behaviour happen at further training sessions, Uefa would evaluate the operational measures to be taken to protect players,"
"Uefa has now been made aware that there were some isolated incidents of racist chanting that occurred at the open training session of the Dutch team yesterday in Krakow.
"Uefa has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to discriminatory behaviour and has given the power to referees to stop matches in case of any repeated racist behaviour."
Ahhh that good old zero tolerance policy.  It's more of a 0.001% tolerance or depending on how hungover they are 30% tolerance.  And if it's some black dude moaning about being abused then about 70%.  What is the matter with those guys?  I already sent their village some tin cans when I was in primary school, sort your problems out yourselves!  Is something Uefa probably said.