Friday, 1 June 2012

Titus Bramble cleared of sexual assault

Sunderland's Titus Bramble has been cleared of sexually assaulting two different girls.  After four days in court a jury ruled that nothing untoward really happened and now he can walk the streets with only the stigma of being accused of a crime he is innocent of ruining his life forever.

Titus admitted sharing a consensual kiss with one of the girls and denied the other charge which was grabbing someone's arse in a nightclub.  I absolutely deplore that kind of behaviour, but how this ends up in court is beyond me.  I see it happening every half an hour on a night out if I get dragged into one of the shitty places that plays chart music or R&B which is just about going to a club, or being in a club and has some strange obsession with 'getting on the floor'.  I'm sure I've heard one song where it's basically just the guy listing of his drink order for a round and then suggesting that after the beverages have been consumed we 'hit the floor'.

And that's why I hate nightclubs.