Monday, 18 June 2012

Time to watch Braveheart again

It's been announced that Scotland will play England at Wembley for a friendly next year. Probably the most inappropriate use of the word friendly in football history.

For part of the FA's 150th anniversary England will host their Scottish neighbours at Wembley stadium. The last time we played them at Wembley, we actually won thanks to a goal from an English man.  It was a very typically Scottish glorious failure as we had already lost the first leg at home 2-0 so England qualified for Euro 2000 on aggregate and we went home and had more heroin. 

Craig Brown made the players watch Braveheart before the game to get them fired up, which must have been awkward for players like Neil Sullivan and Don Hutchinson. Football is unpredictable but fans are not, I predict 1,000,000 empty beer cans littering the streets, 100 arrests, both anthems booed and for both sets of fans to disgrace themselves.