Sunday, 10 June 2012

Spain use the Scotland formation

Everyone was excited about the Spain Vs Italy game today. Without David Villa, would Spain start Torres or trust in Llorente? Instead they pulled a Scotland and played with no strikers, it didn't really work.

I'm still struggling to understand why Spain felt they didn't need to play a striker against Italy. Their defence could be that they scored a goal, got a draw and therefore their plan worked. I would say, shut up Spain! The first half bored me greatly, the commentators covered up the lack of action by constantly talking about Balotelli's lack of discipline- despite the fact that Balotelli didn't really do anything wrong. Apart from he chose to walk, rather than run when he was clean trough on goal and ended up getting tackled by Pique- then he blamed Cassano for not telling him that someone was behind him.

Just after that balls up, Balotelli was subbed for Di Natale. Miuntes later, sitting on the sidelines and looking like a toddler who'd been forced to eat broccoli, Balotelli watched Di Natale run clear into the Spain penalty area, after a sexual bit of play and a through ball from Pirlo. Di Natalie cooly curled home a shot in off the post and did the ace celebration seen above. The best way to celebrate a goal is to point at invisible things.

Fabregas was the closest thing to a striker for Spain and he did a very good impression of one when Silva dinked a ball through to him and he hammered home with his left foot. At 1-1 and with time running out, Del Bosque thought he should experiment with a striker. On came Torres and very quickly we saw why he wasn't started. One on one with Buffon he transformed into a six year-old and was tackled by his Dad in the back garden. Minutes later he was played through again and this time tried to chip Buffon, but he failed in the getting the ball to land under the bar competition.

It finished 1-1 and everyone seemed pleased. The Italians made Pizza, the Spanish brutally murdered a bull and they all drank and danced the night away. Tomorrow they will wake up with a hangover and the realisation that they are now homeless. EURO CRISIS!