Saturday, 16 June 2012

Shevchenko might go to the USA

Andrei Shevchenko has spent two years getting ready for Euro 2012 but now he's so finely tuned that he might continue past the tournament's end and pursue the American dream.  Or in this case the American day dream where you want loads of money for playing in the MLS.

My first memories of Shevchenko were cheating on Champ Manager and cancelling AC Milan's agreement to sign him at the end of the first season, then buying him myself and winning stuff.  Now he's about to retire, the realisation and fear of the inevitability of death gulfs my entire soul, but Shevchenko's OK cos he's going to America.  Maybe
“It’s so important because this is my last competition with the national team. I’ll decide after Euro 2012 what I’m going to do, whether I’ll carry on in football or maybe finish, whether I’ll move in Europe, stay in Ukraine or have the opportunity to come to the US and play.”
I would  expand on this story but like I said, I'm having a quarter life crisis so I'm away to do some sit ups instead.