Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sergio Ramos has new hair

So it's come to this.  Sergio Ramos had a hair cut.

The sexy Real Madrid defender will be hoping that his new look will make referees think twice before sending him off for any number of heinous challenges that he makes during Euro 2012.  It's sort of like how I hope we don't lose thousands of readers due to our temporary new look.  If you have a stroke in the next few weeks you should probably show your doctor FitbaThatba and then he/she'll understand to prescribe you some heroin to help out.  Although now I think about it I'm not sure why that doctor's surgery was in a back alley.  Do they really keep all their prescriptions in a suit case now?  And since when has the NHS charged you for all your medicine?  Healthcare is so confusing these days