Saturday, 23 June 2012

Russia fans fined for being mental

The World Cup in 2018 is going to be in Russia, which means they have six years to try and teach their fans not to be mental.

Russia have now been fined three seperate times for their fans' actions at Euro 2012. Hammering the Czechs in their first game, their fans got very excited about their team's prospects and celebrated the win by throwing flares onto the pitch. Ironically they reacted exactly the same way in their last game when they actually lost to Greece 1-0. It seems that in Russia the policy is "win or lose, fuck it - throw a flare".

In their next game they played Poland and unveiled the banner above. A little bit inflammatory considering the years of tyranny and ruling over Poland - a country that pretty much despises them. Many fans tried to get on the pitch when they scored and more worryingly gangs of thugs strolled around before and after the game, punching and kicking their way through people wearing Poland strips. 

To summarise: setting off and throwing fireworks, invading the pitch, displaying illicit and far-right banners and kicking the shit out of strangers for wearing a football strip.

This has resulted in a six point deduction in their next qualifying campaign and a fine of around £96,000. Thankfully the Russian Football Union have said they will appeal the "severe" punishment because beating up people, racism, far-right banners and throwing fireworks are just normal every day occurences in Russia. I mean we all take heroin in Scotland but is heroin illegal? Yes, it is.