Saturday, 16 June 2012

Roy Keane hates being Irish

Roy Keane doesn't seem to like Irish people, especially when they dance around, have fun and generally give a good name to their country.  He wants them to all be serious and battle and try and win stuff.  BOOOOO

Giovanni Trapattoni has gone from looking like Roy Keane's pissed uncle to being his number 83rd fan.  Keane was moaning about Irish players applauding the fans after their 4-0 raping to Spain and said:
"It's just nonsense players speaking about how great the supporters are. They should be doing a lot better, not praising supporters,"
And then Trapattoni was all like:
"Roy was a great player. [But] what did he do after he stopped playing? He should concentrate on getting results as a coach..."

OH NO HE DI INT!  That sassy man.  If Roy Keane was ever actually in a war of words he'd end it by beating the other person to death with his head and fists.  WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY ROY?!