Friday, 22 June 2012

Ronaldo is good at football

Cristiano Ronaldo is finally delivering on the international stage and put in another match winning performance last night as Portugal reached the semi-final of Euro 2012.


The forward scored a header in the 79th minute to send the Czech Republic home but no-one really cares about that. Boring teams get about as much sympathy as when one of your friends moans about having no money so they can't go out for drinks, even though their parents pay their rent, bills, give them an allowance and they don't have a job. And furthermore I din't think it should be frowned upon if I'm just really good pals with 14 year olds. I'm going to wait until they're legal, it's not like I'm some kind of pervert. Jeez, lighten up.Oh yeh and Portugal won 1-0 because Ronaldo was good. Also Moutinho and Coentrao. Or however you spell his name.