Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ronaldo doesn't feel pressure

Ronaldo is about to play Spain on his own tonight but does he feel the pressure?  Does he feel it?!!  No

The Real Madrid forward has denied that he's even really bothered about how an entire nation is trying to think of ways to stop him getting the ball in tonight's Euro 2012 semi-final and I for one believe him. He's probably definitely going to be the best player on the pitch and now he's started doing his hair like Superman I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he starts doing like somersaults over Sergio Ramos' head. Portugal's team talk goes something like "pass the ball to Ronaldo, especially you Nani" and Spain's is a reading from a poem followed by a Q&A.  And they have a DJ that plays whatever the kids in Williamsburg listen to at the moment.

Yes they can be boring, but it's much better football than England or someone like that.  Plus, if they're playing against someone that actually makes them try then that's a good thing.  It's like when you play your friend at FIFA and he's really bad so you just mess around with the skill buttons and try and walk the ball in the net.  And then you fondle each other on the couch and it's just so OH GOD WHAT AM I SAYING