Monday, 4 June 2012

Ronaldinho wants to be paid

Former World Player of the Year Ronaldinho has ended his contract with Flamengo because they owe him $20million.  I'm no scientist but I think that's quite a lot.

Despite Brazil's booming economy Flamengo have been unable to pay their star forward and Ronaldinho has managed to have his contract ended by a labour court due to his unpaid wages.  From Sambafoot:
The reasons for the termination were four months of unpaid wages, a justification accepted by the judge.
The player's advisors will now pursue the unpaid wages through other means, whilst Ronaldinho has officially left the club.
Ronaldinho' termination follows an escalation in the arguments between the player and the club over a lack of professionalism, and for the club's part, unpaid wages.
Woh woh woh.  Four months wages are $20million?!  How did this possibly happen?  Surely they realised they couldn't afford to sign him in the first place.  "My client wants $5million a month", "OK - deal.  Wait, do you mean in real money?  Hello?  Ah he probably meant in oranges.  I have hundreds of oranges!"

Flamengo even tried to fine the ex-Barcelona man when he didn't turn up for training but tbh I think it's pretty nice of him that he even turned up.  If my work didn't pay me for 4 months I'd have stopped going months ago.  Almost exactly 4 months ago actually.  Wait a minute..... the pieces are all coming together now!