Thursday, 14 June 2012

Roberto Di Matteo has a job

Because Pep Guardiola still hasn't agreed to be the Chelsea manager, Roberto Di Matteo has been given the job instead.  That's about as glowing a recommendation as he's ever going to get.

Di Matteo won the Champions League and the FA Cup last year in only a few months of taking charge at Stamford Bridge but still doesn't seem to have the complete backing of Roman Abramovich.  This is because all he did was turn up and tell the players to do whatever it was they wanted to, rode off the back of the fact AVB had taken the team to the Champs League quarters, and then tell everyone to pile up on the goal line to stop Barcelona scoring.  It's like if I left my laptop on and you just started typing stuff on here and then tens of thousands of people all just read it despite the fact you didn't really know what you were doing and then you got a really well paid job out of it.  So I'm just waiting for the job bit basically.