Monday, 25 June 2012

Rangers' players do walk away

Like that terrible Craig David song, Rangers players are walking away from the troubles in their life. Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker have refused a transfer to a newco.

The pair now claim to be free agents after getting the lawyers to make up a special letter that says, "I don't want to play for some shitty newco in Division 3, bye!". Rangers haven't taken the news very well and plan to sue. Maybe they can just start suing everyone? It's better than their current business plan which is buying £500 Euromillions tickets every week.

Both players talked about their love of the club and loyalty but as Rangers no longer exist, they no longer care. That's loyalty people. It looks as if Rangers will not be voted straight back into the SPL and all their players are leaving. With so much uncertainty around, everyone is asking the same question -just how many points will Celtic win the league by next year? I'm going for 40.