Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rangers are broke or something

Everyday I see more news about Rangers being liquidated or something and the biggest problem I face is that I don't understand any of the acronyms and also I know that these guys are just not going to go away, no matter how many wishes I make on my wishing troll.

Today the HMRC have rejected Rangers CVA which might be a good thing, but might be bad.  I guess it's bad because the BBC seems to explain this as something they don't want to happen.  And now what will happen is nothing, because even if they are liquidated, the SPL will just invite the new club straight back into the league and everyone will be fine.  It's like a never ending episode of Power Rangers where the bad guy keeps being defeated and everyone cheers "yehhh we've finally won! Let's all go have tacos!" and then the bad guy gets up and says 'Ha ha ha! You can't defeat me' and gets in another evil vehicle.  And this happens like another 18 times until the Power Rangers just get bored and go home.  Without the bad guy there isn't really any conflict anyway and it would just be a show about some teenagers.