Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Racism: Society's Problem

It's only a matter of days until the Euros start and all the racisms get underway. BBC's Panorama tried to scare the shit out of anyone who is going over to the tournament but their scaremongering didn't work on Michel Platini, he doesn't listen to anyone.

After watching the Panorama documentary on racism in Poland and Ukraine, you would think that racism is the national pass-time and you couldn't walk down the street without inadvertently joining a Nazi rally. Platini said that FIFA have done all they can to combat racism- giving referees the power to stop games or even abandon them if racist chants don't stop. As far as I know the latter has never happened, but my knowledge stretches as far as the Google toolbar. Usually the punishment is a 50p fine and an after-school detention.

Racism is not football's problem, it's society's problem. Not my words, the words of an arrogant French man. Probably true but FIFA do have the power punish competing nations- they just don't. Balotellli has said that if he suffers racial abuse at Euro 2012, he will simply walk off the pitch and go home. Platini  has said that he will be booked if he does try it. For any other player this would be an empty threat, but this is Balotelli - he's mental. 

If Balotelli was taunted for having the audacity to be a black man, I would prefer that he followed the example of Eric Cantona and take the law into his own hands. It would be ace to see him kicking the crap out of all the pathetic tatoo-clad, fascist, skin-heads. Right about here I could include a "let's kick racism out of football" joke, but then I would have to kick myself in the face really hard.