Sunday, 3 June 2012

Paul Lambert is the Aston Villa manager

Loyal Paul Lambert was busy preparing for next season with Norwich when someone from Aston Villa phoned him up and said "do you fancy living here instead?" "*sound of phone dropping to the ground*"  Hello?  Is that a ... cloud of dust I can hear?"

Lambert has fled the inbred shores of Norwich to try his chances at Aston Villa, turned into one of the most boring things to watch of all time by Alex Mcleish.  Norwich are really pissed off that Lambert has gone because it's not as if they are a particularly attractive outfit to potential new managers as it is, let alone anyone good.  I fully expect Paul Ince and Steve Bruce to be linked and probably get the job, keeping them afloat for a couple of seasons and then getting sacked as the club disappears down a whirlpool into the first division.  In Paul Ince's case the club would also be on fire.

Lambert's appointment at Villa means I now have a 5% interest in anything they do.  I don't mean that in a financial sense, I mean it in a I really don't care about them kind of way.  Before he got the job they were sitting at -10% which I'm not sure makes sense.