Sunday, 3 June 2012

Neil Lennon is shit

Recently divorced Norwich City have said that they will not make any approach for Neil Lennon with what might be one of the most sarcastic statements I've ever seen.

In a radio show on the BBC, because that's where I steal most of my stuff, a Norwich spokesperson said:
"We have not approached Celtic for Neil Lennon and will not be approaching Celtic for Neil Lennon,".
"We have a great relationship with Celtic. If we had an enquiry we'd go straight to Celtic. Neil Lennon is a great man and a great manager."
Yeh in opposite land.  Neil Lennon is definitely not a great manager, and I know this phrase is thrown around everywhere, but genuinely, any single member of that Celtic team could become the player manager this year and would still find it very difficult not to win absolutely everything.  Man, just a normal person could do it.  The fact that Lennon didn't is alarming - it's not as if he even had to make an ok team great to overcome their great rivals, they had 0 rivals and only took one trophy away.  Pffft who is this guy?  What a failure.  Ah well.  I have to go now anyway guys because the shop I work in needs me back and then I need to drive home to my parents house to sit hitting refresh on the internet all night.  Life's going good!

sad potato