Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More Rangers players want to abandon them

So it turns out none of the Rangers players are actually that committed to this whole idea of 'sticking together' and playing for the newco.  Even the minky players are jumping ship now!

Having lived in the sewers for most of his life, Kyle Lafferty is just one of the 'big' names who might need to find new accommodation in another part of the world as his club continues sinking to the bottom of the sea.  Allan McGregor has also lodged a complaint about his transfer to a newco because he's already tried to shag everyone except the hot ones in Glasgow and it's no fun, and now Rangers' captain Steven Davis objects to the situation.

I'd say I felt sorry for them if I did, but I really, really don't.  My only concern is that when everyone finally abandons Ibrox it starts glowing and releases loads of demons like in Ghostbusters