Monday, 18 June 2012

Manchester United: Everyone hates us

The fixture lists were released today and it didn't take long for Sir Alex Ferguson to get really pissed off.

I'm currently trying out the Alex Ferguson diet, any time I feel hungry I just Google image search his rubbery face and instantly the hunger subsides. Manchester United will face the terrifying prospect of having five away games directly after Champions League games. These away games include Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea and Manchester City. Aston Villa are the other team but I didn't count them as they are contracted to lose every single game against Manchester United that they play.

Manchester City on the other hand have only one away game, quite clearly a message that the FA hate Manchester United. When will the FA start being fair and let Howard Webb referee every single United game and give them 10minutes extra time if they are losing. It's just not on.

You can join the justice for United campaign that I just made up on a website that doesn't exist.