Friday, 29 June 2012

Lukas Podolski is a pop star

Lukas Podolski is quite good at football but that accolade alone isn't enough to fulfil him.  He's only gone and done some singing!

Wearing a very sexy tie with a t-shirt BUT THOSE THINGS DON'T GO TOGETHER!  YOU CRAZY YOU CRAAAAAAZY ARGHHGHG and singing in a fairly low register to add some depth to the 'real' singer's voice, here we can see a Podolski in his preferred environment.  Yes rather than tear up football pitches, the Arsenal forward secretly actually just wants to be used as a way for an obscure pop act to gain some fans, which is what I think this is.  It's like when I asked Jim Leighton to stick a FitbaThatba sticker on his car but now he refuses to leave my kitchen.  And he always puts too much milk on my cornflakes, and puts crisps in my packed lunch even though I don't really like prawn cocktail or cheese and onion and to be honest, this whole situation just isn't working out.