Tuesday, 26 June 2012

John Terry's legal team is smart

According to the BBC, John Terry's legal team might try and play a 'bad character' game against Anton Ferdinand, in the England defender's upcoming racism trial.

joke (c) of South Park

You'd all forgotten about this hadn't you!  While John was off enjoying Euro 2012, his legal team had been working on their strategy to try and save what shred of reputation he had left.  I'll just show you what the BBC said:
Mr Terry's barrister, George Carter-Stephenson QC, has now said he is considering making the application.
Bad character applications are used to cast doubt on a witness's evidence.
It's an interesting tactic but perhaps one that plays to their strengths.  How better to defend an odious weasel than playing dirty, and I guess it just goes to show that some people must deserve to be racisted against allegedly.  Another strategy they could use is have Terry take the stand, dismiss every question as quickly as he can and throw it back at a guy in the back of the room, and do this for as long as it takes to go to penalties and then eventually lose.  Ha ha aha hahaa a a

That was an easy joke.