Sunday, 3 June 2012

Italy might withdraw from Euro 2012

Ok so they definitely won't withdraw but I figured if I made that the headline some of you fuckers would click on it.  Cesare Prandelli, who is the Italy coach, says he's totally cool if Italy pull out of Euro 2012 due to match fixing allegations.

As we've mentioned previously, Italy is all like 'saaaaay whaaaaat?' at allegations tearing apart their domestic leagues which involve players, managers, officials blah blah blah.  Basically some real life Tony Soprano has worked out that footballers like money and pretending to be upset about losing is really easy. I'm annoyed it wasn't me first.  Prandelli told journalists (BBC):
"If you told us for the good of football we should not participate, it wouldn't be a problem for me," 
"There are things that I believe are more important.
"I dislike crusades. I prefer to face up to things and not take positions without considering the consequences.
 This is one of those empty threats to make yourself look more concerned about a problem than you actually are, so nothing bad will really happen here, don't panic.  It's like when you say 'yeh sure I'll definitely do that later' or 'I promise I won't look through other girls Facebook profiles'.  That's why they fucking invented it