Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Italian newspaper makes Balotelli King Kong

An Italian newspaper decided to publish a cartoon of Mario Balotelli as King Kong, and as we all know, making any reference to a black person as an ape is hugely racist so now they are all like SORRY GUYS.

@SonoTuttoBene (from DirtyTackle)
Balotelli is said to be annoyed/upset about the cartoon and so they have since sort of apologised.  They also said that they chose this cartoon because the artist was:
trying to project the image of Balotelli dominating England during the quarter‑final in Kiev on Sunday
Which I think is actually a pretty good and accurate summary of what the cartoon does.  Of course, I have never depicted a black person as a giant ape because of various reasons like not being retarded, being terrified of what the internet would say if I suggested that perhaps this isn't racist, and that I thought King Kong was shit.  Is it racist if I don't like King Kong?  I also don't like Justin Long, he's absolutely awful.  Even in New Girl, which I actually think is OK.  I saw a Fish Called Wanda the other day as well - have you seen how hot Jamie Lee Curtis used to be?  Man.  I feel like we've gone off topic.  What were we talking about again?  Oh yeh, Mario Balotelli is really racist