Thursday, 14 June 2012

Harry Redknapp is sacked

Harry Redknapp was sacked last night by Spurs because .... I dunno.  Just because.

During his four years in charge of Tottenham, 'Arry managed to assemble quite a formidable squad and even reached the heights of the Champions League.  That just isn't enough anymore and finishing in 4th spot was too insulting to allow him to continue at his job, so the North London club now seeks another man to take them to the next level.  Which is hopefully 15th.  Harry said:
'I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Spurs and am proud of my achievements.
'I have had a fantastic four years with the club, at times the football has been breathtaking.
'I am sad to be leaving but wish to thank the players, staff and fans for their terrific support during my time there.'
I don't really know what the board hopes to achieve realistically other than finish in Champions League spots, so hiring Roberto Martinez or David Moyes seems like a sort of normal step to take.  Moyes hasn't really done anything except consistently avoid relegation and occasionally get near Europe, and Martinez just wants another job before Wigan get relegated and everyone forgets that he's the 'best manager in the league'.


All the Spurs fans I've asked have just shrugged and gone 'ah well' so I don't think anyone really cares. Enjoy Dubai, Harry.