Wednesday, 6 June 2012

German players can do what they want

Germans are known for their self-discipline and this will be tested to the limit at the Euros since coach Joachim Low has given the players free reign to do what they want at the tournament.

English players are usually kept under strict surveillance because we all know that British people are idiots. We go out and get hammered and generally make a disgrace of ourselves. I remember one tournament when all the WAGS were banned- it had no effect because England just aren't very good.

Low clearly believes that he can trust his players and has told them they are allowed to drink, smoke, Tweet and see their girlfriends/wives/boyfriends/husbands and children. Basically he is treating them as grown ups and human beings because that is what they are. The players are to be responsible for their own behaviour but will only be allowed out until about 11pm, which was my curfew when I was about 13 so it's not really that good. Players must also wear uniform which I assume is Daily Mail speak for suit and tie and it's not yet decided if other halves are allowed to stay overnight.

An 11pm deadline gives them ample time to get some well needed rest so they can get up early and claim all the sun loungers. Let's hope there are plenty of chairs but if not don't be surprised to see them taking over the swimming pool at the neighbouring hotels where the French and Polish teams are staying.