Monday, 18 June 2012

The German machine rolls over Denmark

Germany are looking ominous. Going into this game with an 100% record, they have emerged with an 100% record and another country swept aside under the might of the German power. Denmark have been dispatched 2-1 and return home to mourn and eat bacon sandwiches.

Lukas Podolski showed Arsenal fans why they should force him to wear a Germany top under his Arsenal shirt next season, getting yet another goal for his country on his 100th cap. With the coolest top and probably the youngest team, Germany are definitely the most likable team around- unless you are English and an idiot who still sings WW2 songs. In that case you should just geeeeeeeeeet out!

Denmark got their token headed goal because they are vikings and really tall. Bendtner was probably fouled in the box as well later on but the referee saw that it was Nicklas Bendtner and pretended that he didn't see anything because he's a jerk. 

Bender probably doesn't mean anything in Germany but no matter how old I am, I will still laugh at that name. In the 80th minute Germany finished the Danes off with a counter-attack that ended with Lars Bender side-footing home the easiest chance you could ever hope for. Bender has a twin brother who is also very good at football called Sven Bender so they are essentially known as the Bender brothers. That's a porno that I never, ever want to see.