Friday, 29 June 2012

Gareth Bale signs 4 year deal, immediately regrets it (maybe)

Gareth Bale is arguably one of the best left sided players in world football at the moment (I don't know any players outside of England, Scotland and Euro 2012) but that hasn't stopped him from ruining his career!

The space monkey has agreed to a new 4 year deal just as it's pretty much been confirmed that AVB will be the new Spurs boss.  This means he will get to enjoy the torturous few months where the Portguese manager realises that winning stuff is actually hard when you don't have the greatest team in the entire country playing against a team that has to wash cars on the weekend to raise funds for their bus trip.

Of course, perhaps there weren't actually any interested clubs in Bale and signing a big pay deal right now.  When you consider that Jordi Alba cost £11million and Spurs want about £80billion for Bale, suddenly you realise that nothing is right in the world and that the North London club might be about to decline.  Or maybe they'll win stuff.  I don't know, I'm not a wizard.