Friday, 22 June 2012

French Fighting. Shock

Things "kicked off" a bit after France were beaten by Sweden but Laurent Blanc is confident that everything is cool now.

That of course is two French men kissing, not fighting. This is what French people do, they fight and then kiss. And of course surrender and make delicious cheese. After getting hammered by Sweden, the French players did what they do best and all blamed each other. With a game against Spain on the horizon, the French need to sort their shit out and Blanc says that what's happened.
"After everyone had a cold shower and time to cool off we sat down together and talked things through. Now it is a new start, a new beginning for our players."
France will either win 5-0 and play the best football ever seen or they will squabble like five year-olds and disgrace themselves- bending over and receiving a spanking, because that's the French way.