Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Football and fighting

Poland and Russia are not friends. Years of tyranny and rape will do that to a relationship.

Thugs were kicking the shit ouf of each other all over Warsaw before the game. Some moron or group of morons thought it would be a good idea to let a group of 5,000 Russians march through the streets celebrating bears or something. Reports are that only 10 people were injured in the fighting, add a couple of zeros on and that was in the five minute video I saw.

The game itself was good until the last twenty minutes, where both teams were clearly happy to hold on to a draw. Dzagoev got another goal with a flicked header from an Arseshaven cross. Arshavin had one of those games where he walked around looking knackered and pointing at other people because he didn't want the ball 90% of the time because running is hard.

Poland came out for the second half with a we need to score look and so they did. Blaszczykowski scored a superb solo goal and it was just reward for that ridiculous "this is Russia" flag. Poland deserved to win but they didn't, hopefully their fans will be happy with a point and won't need to go out and murder people.

Fighting at these tournaments always happens so let's not let the media convince us that It's Poland and Ukraines problem, It's footballs problem. As for Antonio Cassano, he has serious mental problems, either that or he's incredibly stupid.