Tuesday, 12 June 2012

FIFA 13 books you for swearing

Some of us play FIFA, some still play Pro Evo.  The ones who play Pro Evo used to play FIFA when Pro Evo was good, and now it's the other way round.  Idiots!  Anyway, if you have Xbox Connect then you can be booked if you curse now.

I'm pretty sure that's the wrong artwork because Messi is supposed to be on the cover of the new one but ah well.  According to some guy who works on the game and posts on some forums I occasionally read, the EA Sports team have been working hard to make the new FIFA the best yet.  Who'd have thought it? Blah blah blah new features BUT THEN they started talking about how if you foul someone and shout 'FUCK OFF' like I do every time, the referee can book you.

I'm not sure this is fair because you are basically the manager, not the actual player, unless you're doing Be A Pro or something which I guess makes sense.

I like playing FIFA but I also like feeling calm and in control of my life.  The minute I get drawn against some Barcelona mong the rage begins to swell and now I can't play anymore than two games in a row incase I end up breaking things.  There's nothing more majestic in life than a lonely 26 year old punching his own face because a 12 year old French child scores a corner from a header.  I should probably be on Planet Earth