Tuesday, 26 June 2012

England fans are nice

While the world watched over Ukraine and Poland for racists and thugs, England fans were busy taking to their keyboards and social networking sites to post abuse about black people and then some even nicer chaps started a near riot in an English town called Bedford.

Andrea Pirlo's penalty was brilliant for two reasons.  First of all, technically it was perfect, secondly, the sheer audacity and balls it took to pull off the move seemed to completely swing the psychological victory over to the Italian players, as the England players collectively realised how terrible they are in comparison.  When Professor Snape starts pulling mad skills against you in an international match, at the age of like 59, you know it's time to give it up.  That's why one guy in the picture above this has his nob out to try and put off the winning penalty taker.

In other news, 150 people attacked a bunch of Italians in an English town, or more specifically their cars.  The Italians had formed a cavalcade of cars, and I'm not really sure what that means but I think it's like what I used to do on Grand Theft Auto when you'd get a whole bunch of vehicles and block off a road so you could blow up loads of stuff and the police couldn't get to you.  I think these guys were just celebrating winning a game of football which is boring in comparison, but not everyone can be as bad ass as me.  I didn't even wake up until 12.30 today MOTHER FUCKERS