Tuesday, 12 June 2012

England band is banned

You may have noticed that the insufferably annoying England band didn't play any of those fucking war songs or little tunes to ruin the atmosphere of the game against France yesterday, and that's because their instruments got banned!  Hooray!

The band has played at England games for 16 years, annoying me so much that I want to hit something, but had their instruments confiscated at the stadium.  One of them said:
"We got ready to play half an hour before kick-off and then stewards came up to us and said, 'no, we've made a mistake you have to take the instruments out now, you can't play'.
"We had to put our instruments in storage."
We can only hope that the ban is upheld for the rest of the tournament because if there's one thing that makes me want to kill more than seeing John Terry's smug face, it's seeing John Terry's face accompanied by Rule Britannia.

Also, those girls in that picture got away with having a flag saying 'stand up if you HATE the French, which seems quite aggressive.  If it had been some massive tattooed skin head I'm pretty sure it would make the news.  "Ohhh but they are girls and I want to bang them" I hear you say, well you are wrong!  Just because girls have delicious titties does not mean they should get special treatment!  That means being racist, skipping the queue at the bar or getting off with speeding tickets.  If those things didn't happen how do you explain the dress, makeup and wig I'm wearing right now?  Exactly, you can't.