Sunday, 17 June 2012

Daniel Sturridge hates Chelsea

Daniel Sturridge is super annoyed at Chelsea because they made him not get in the England team.  In no way is that decision based on the fact that if Daniel Sturridge is given the option of saving your life or saving his life, he will always choose to try and score.

The forward had an OK season for Chelsea and actually scored a ton of goals, but he still doesn't give anyone 'the fear'.  "It's just Daniel Sturridge, don't worry about it" is what most people probably say, and that's even what Roberto Di Matteo seems to have concluded having left the England player out of his last few games in charge.  The 22 year old now wants to leave Stamford Bridge in order to kick start his career and get in the World Cup qualification squad, even though he's shit.  He's that guy in your team at 5 a sides that runs really fast, shoots every time they get the ball and scores heaps of goals, but it means you don't bother leaving your own half and thus it ruins the game you just wanted to have as a kick about.