Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Craig Bellamy is going to the Olympics

Craig Bellamy has revealed that he is one of the mysterious top secret over age players in London's Olympics football tournament.  I REALLY DON'T CARE CRAIG

The Welsh forward ticks the boxes for being quite good and old, which is about as exciting as Olympics football gets.  The only point of this whole Team GB thing is to see how good England would have been with Ryan Giggs playing on the left so I don't know why they're wasting spaces on people like this.  I'm sure he'll do well but that's because the only country who give two shits about Olympic football is England.  Although in fairness, it is about the only part of the games that I'll actually watch.  Running is good for the 100m final and everything else just sucks.  Oh please can I watch a whole bunch of dudes riding their tiny bicycles in a circle for an hour?  Please can I do that?  Or maybe watch a woman in the ironing section so I get some tips or something.  That's a thing, right?