Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chris Hughton is the Norwich manager

Chris Hughton has abandoned Birmingham City because "the championship is bullshit, man" and taken over the 'reigns' at Norwich City, which is strange because I thought only horses had reigns.  And evil people who have 'reigns of terror', which I also don't think Norwich has.  Anyway

Hughton looks like an old man built him in his shed out of wood and then he came alive, and the skills he learned in this shed are what have inspired Norwich to decide he is the man to lead them to safety in the Premiership next season which is what I assume their target is.  This is a lot better than what I learned in an old man's shed which was that repressed memories don't always give you psychological problems, and in fact inspire new found powers, like the army of stray cats that I have attached wings to.  Once I get some lightning this party is gonna kick off!