Monday, 18 June 2012

Bye bye Rangers. Welcome Club 12

Tomorrow the SPL fixture list will be released and there will be one rather obvious name missing from them. Have a guess.

Rangers will not be in the SPL, I am probably going to be awarded some massive golden chicken for being so presumptuous but I read this on the internet and when has the internet ever been wrong? 

Instead of Rangers it will be CLUB 12. Rangers will of course continue on even if they are not called "Glasgow Rangers", but they will need to be voted back into the SPL by 7 out of the 11 other clubs. Aberdeen have already said they will listen to the fans and say no thanks you bunch of fannies! But I have a feeling that most clubs will think money and money = Rangers. 

No date has been set for the vote and until then Rangers are homeless as such, much like the majority of their fans. Of course I am joking, although I don't need to apologise because most of them can't read. Again I am joking, I'm going to bed now. Maybe like in Home Alone if I wish for them to disappear, when I wake up they will be gone. Or two dodgers are going to appear in the night and try to break into my house. I better go and create some elaborate home-made security devices- where are the paint tins and string?