Sunday, 17 June 2012

AVB might be the Spurs boss

There are noises all around football land which sound like 'AVB is going to Spurs' and I think it means that I should stop eating all the medicine I find in the cupboards at home.  It's so colourful and inviting!

You may recall AVB from that time he was sacked and everyone found it very funny, and then I made a video about him and it was on all the Portuguese newspapers.  While I retire on my beach resort paid for with internet dollars, AVB is still working hard on trying to be a respected football manager and where better to start than at a club set to lose 3 of its best players with the expectations of the chairman being that you have to win stuff immediately.  As much as I like AVB, his managerial credentials aren't impressive as they might seem.  Winning the league and domestic cups with Porto is about as prestigious as banging the hottest prostitute in the brothel.  It's still good experience for him I guess, but you've still basically paid for it.  Unless they like you and then it's free.  Uhhhh so I hear