Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Andriy Shevchenko retires from international football

Andriy Shevchenko has retired from international football after losing to England, claiming that it was such a disgrace he may never be able to look at his own face in the mirror again.  Or maybe he said that he was too old to play, I can't be sure of everything.

I challenge the straight among you to keep that image on the screen at work whilst reading this and pretend that it's totally normal to have a half naked buff handsome dude on your computer.  People walking past going 'wtf is he looking at', but just how accepting of others are you?  This is a true test.  We're all comfortable with our sexuality around here, but are you?

You are like the Incredible Hulk now except instead of going green and turning into a destruction monster, you get a boner at work and have to think about spreadsheets to make it go away.  For those of you reading this at home I don't think it really works.

Oh yeh and Shevchenko doesn't play for Ukraine anymore