Monday, 18 June 2012

Andres Iniesta likes Scalextric

Andres Iniesta is already one of the coolest mother hubbards on this entire planet, but prepare to subdue your boners when you learn that the forward/midfield genius personally requested a Scalextric track be set up in Spain's camp.  AWW YEH

Sports science has only come so far in keeping our favourite athletes at the top of their game, and while players like Ched Evans have unconventional ways of letting off some steam, Andres Iniesta likes to kick back and race some plastic toy cars around a race track.  The most annoying thing about Scalextric is when you just want to hold down the accelerator to go really fast but this forces the car to fly off the road, roll down a hill and explodes, killing everyone on board, but then you manage to escape and live a life of anonymity in the hills, occasionally making strange football related youtube videos to survive OH GOD MY SECRET IS OUT