Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Alan Thompson is sacked

Some people are alcoholics without ever knowing it while some just love to booze so much that they miss meetings, generally don't perform very well at work and lose their jobs.  On a completely unrelated note, Alan Thompson has been sacked by Celtic!

The assistant to Neil Lennon's confusing reign, Thompson was sacked over the phone the other day after refusing a meeting with the boss.  Although if I was faced with the decision of being sacked or having to look at Neil Lennon's face in real life I would choose the mystery box, Thompson has worked closely with the Celtic manager over the last few seasons so you'd expect a routine business meeting to be something he'd like to attend.  For no disclosed reason he refused and was told to pack his things, which were a wobbly head figure of himself and several batteries, some of which might have a charge left inside.  Now lawyers are involved so that sounds like fun.  Except for going through the batteries.  He should probably just throw those out.