Friday, 4 May 2012

Wayne Rooney scored the best Premiership Goal

Wayne Rooney's shinned overhead kick goal against Manchester City has been voted the best goal in the last 20 seasons of the Premier League.

Yeh fair enough it's quite good.  But is it as good as:

Or how about that one Henry scored against Manchester United?  The answer is yes, because it has been voted for.  And if there's one thing we know about voting it's that everything works out well for everyone, especially people who live in any country that has oil somewhere near it.  They fucking love bombs.

George Bush lol etc.  I could have made a Hitler joke, or referenced any number of murderous genocidal African dictators but that would require actual knowledge of the subject as opposed to the opinions I form on politics, which are based on whatever the journalists tell me to think.  SPORT ARE TROOPS